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FIT Project was founded in 2016 by Kristine Gaspari Ziffra. The studio was first located in Glendale Heights, IL and expanded in 2019 to a 3200 sq ft industrial/retail warehouse in Roselle, IL. The philosophy behind “Fully Integrated Training” is three-fold: develop, assess and recover. 

DEVELOP: Personal Training, Group Training, Nutrition Coaching

ASSESS: InBody Composition Test

RECOVER: Yoga, Kinstretch, Massage

Through our programming, we will help you develop strength, endurance, power, flexibility and much more. No matter what your goal, we have the program for you! There is something for everyone at FIT Project, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete. Are you expecting or have you just delivered a baby? We have the plan for you! Kristine is certified as a Pre & Post Natal Exercise Specialist in addition to many other certifications.

While exercise is important, it is only half the battle. The other piece to the healthy lifestyle puzzle is nutrition. We firmly believe in addressing nutrition and metabolism with every member. This is where our InBody assessment comes into play. Learning new habits and making healthy nutritional changes will not only fuel your workouts, but also help your body recover and unleash phenomenal results.

Recovery is the final piece of this puzzle. At FIT Project, we believe that your rest days are just as important as your training days. We offer restorative yoga, Kinstretch classes, as well as massage therapy to help your body release tension and aid in muscular repair.

There is no such thing as a “quick fix” in the long run. We want to help you create habits that will last the rest of your life. Hard work, commitment and dedication molds results. If you are ready to make the change, we are ready to work with you.

Let FIT Project be the best decision you have ever made!


we now offer

A movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility and USABLE ranges of motion.




I began bowling when I was ten years old. I was never exceptionally good. I was above average, won a few tournaments, but that was it. Don’t get me wrong, I can still pick up a mean 6/7/10 split.

I began running in college to fill the void of being homesick. I wasn’t exceptionally good at running either, but unlike bowling I could go run when I wanted, where I wanted, how I wanted, for any time I wanted and even if other runners saw me they wouldn’t know me; my story. My running came to a halt when I was in an accident that would later result in nine knee surgeries, being told I’d never run again and over a decade of self-loathing and anger.

I was in denial. I told myself the walks I took my dogs on was exercise enough. I knew I was overweight. I knew I wasn’t happy. That’s where my knowledge ended. At random I joined a gym. The joining included meeting with a Personal Trainer for a free one hour session. It was free, I went.

I was scheduled with Kristine. We chatted for a few minutes prior to her leading me to an area where she had equipment set up for me to do some exercises. She had simple exercises such as step ups with weights for me. I had climbed two flights of stairs to meet with her so I surely would be able to do simple step ups with a weight in my hands. I did them. I didn’t do them well. I was winded after we were done.

Kristine and I sat and chatted more. She further asked questions about me, my history, and my goals. For record: I had no goals. Kristine also noted observations she made during my doing those few exercises. She made me cry. All of the lies I had been telling myself about my food and drink choices, my lack of activity; every single one of them she as a total stranger who had just met me, she told me.

That day changed me. As random as I joined a gym and as random as I began working out with Kristine my life changed. I began to consciously make better food and drink choices. I became regularly active. Kristine set me up with classes to attend, as well as a weekly session with her. Before I knew it I was losing weight and my clothes weren’t fitting. Exercises and weights I couldn’t use before were getting set aside for more difficult exercises and heavier weights. Above all I found the self-loathing and anger I had harbored for over a decade slip away.

With her encouragement of saying I could “totally do it” I signed up for an indoor triathlon in January of 2015. She was right, “I totally did it.”

That day also changed me.

I won’t say I was born to be a distance runner or triathlete, but I will say I’ve become both. I will also say that without Kristine’s guidance, motivation, knowledge I couldn’t and wouldn’t be where I am today. Working out and gaining strength is difficult. It isn’t easy and it doesn’t happen overnight or even over a week or month. Kristine’s encouragement and motivation is contagious. Her knowledge and ability to think outside of the box results in very few dull moments and never doing the same thing twice. Above all Kristine isn’t just a personal trainer she truly has your best interest not only at hand, but in her heart. She’s become a great friend, a true inspiration and even if my abs hate her some days, I know it’s all worth it.



All it took was a single photo. Man. How did it happen. How did I gain 35 pounds and not realize it? I’m guessing all of the pizza and Portillo’s that got me through night school had something to do with it…

I knew it was time. Time to drop all this weight. Time to get healthy. But where to begin? I had my share of gym memberships over the years. I’d do great for a couple of months and then fizzle out. I had no idea what the hell I was doing. And because of that I never saw results. It’s very difficult to maintain the motivation required to keep an active lifestyle when you feel like you just aren’t getting anywhere. I knew that if I really wanted to change my habits I had to take a different approach. That’s when I decided to try a group training class. That’s also when I met KG. Not only has she become one of the best influences I’ve ever had in life, she’s also become one of my best friends.

The first class was rough. I think I made it about 7 minutes on the treadmill before I had to excuse myself and run to the bathroom. Oh was I sick. To KG’s surprise I returned a few minutes later and got right back at it. She smiled and said, “Oh we thought you were gone!’ Not this time. I was committed.

Over the next 6 months I lost 40 pounds. Not only had I shed the weight, I shed all the bad habits. I had a new attitude. You see KG got me to realize, the key to a healthy weight, mind and body required more than a treadmill. More than weights. More than salad. The key was a new attitude and a commitment to a new way of life. In order to achieve the results I wanted I had to keep exercise, strength training and proper diet in perfect harmony. One was no good without the others.

She also made me realize that working out didn’t have to be a chore. It could actually be fun. Something to look forward to. Something to help manage work stress and promote better sleep habits. I looked forward to our classes. KG has a passion that is as infectious as her smile. Plain and simple, I’m a better person because of her. I’m 36 years old and I’ve never been happier, healthier or more confident in my abilities. Two and a half years ago I couldn’t run a mile without feeling like dying. This past year I ran two half marathons. One of those I finished in 2:02:22.

Even though I’ve only been with KG for a few short years, I know this is a relationship that will go on forever. She’s made me realize the only limitations are only those that I impose on myself. She’s also made me realize just how long one minute can be  . Give her a chance. Make the commitment. Change your life. Trust me, you won’t regret it.



When I first started working with Kristine over 5 years ago, I was very overweight and out of shape. I hadn’t exercised regularly for almost ten years. I started with her Weight Loss class which was supposed to involve 60 minutes on a treadmill – BORING! Kristine changed it up, doing intervals that got us on and off the treadmill to keep it fun while still keeping your heart rate going for maximum calorie burn. I enjoyed working with her so much in class, I signed up for one on one training with her to add strength training to my routine. After about a year, I had shed 60 pounds and built up some muscle. She constantly challenged me to try new exercises and push myself further than I thought I could do. Eventually, she decided I was ready for her Boot Camp class – intense cardio combined with strength training. Every single workout is tough but so varied that you never get bored.

I can hardly believe that I have stuck with working out for so long and Kristine is a big part of why I’ve kept at it. There is no magic pill for losing and keeping off weight, it takes a long term commitment and Kristine helps keep me motivated to keep going. I don’t think I would have stuck with it and be working out at the same intensity without Kristine. Her classes every week keep me on track and coming back. I love working out with Kristine. She is energetic, supportive, makes every workout fun and all while kicking your butt each time – just what you need in a Personal Trainer!



I have been working out with Kristine for nearly four years now.  She has been the driving force behind helping me achieve the goals I needed to reach. 

Four years ago, at age 51, I was nearly 230lbs and my doctor shook his head at my complete checkup and told me if I didn’t make a change he would be forced to prescribe several medications to try and keep me from further deteriorating health. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, high blood sugar, pre-diabetic, fatty liver was what my blood work revealed. 

Thanks to Kristine and the last four years of hard work in fitness training with her, learning how to eat a healthy nutritious diet, and committing to not give up, she has been my motivator who is always pushing me to the next level. I am in better health than I have ever been.  I now weigh 150lbs, (I weighed 180lbs when I graduated high school), with a body fat percentage of 15%, my blood physiology has dropped to all normal levels, my blood pressure has returned to normal, and I do not need any prescription medications.  My doctor can hardly believe it!  He even told me he has shared my story with numerous patients asking him how they can get off meds. 

Kristine is the world’s best personal trainer and I am a living testimonial to that fact!!  She even advanced me to the point of being able to run numerous half marathons, two full marathons, and a year ago beginning to do triathlons finishing my first Ironman 70.3 this past August 2015!  Thank you KG!  I can’t wait to see what the next chapter is in my journey with you!



Kristine Gaspari has been my Personal Trainer since 2011. The results I have achieved to date are due to Kristine’s dedication to making life changes. I started working out at the gym but couldn’t seem to get into any kind of routine going until I met Kristine. I was 70 lbs overweight and was headed for more weight gain. I started her 5pm class and was like “Wow what a difference a good group trainer makes.” Basically, I was never bored with the workouts, and I kept coming back.

Even after group training, I added 1:1 training with Kristine to my program. She helped me with my confidence and took personal interest in the goals I wanted to achieve. As I would start to slack off she would be there to pick me up. She is skilled, enthusiastic, and always has a wide range of diverse workouts; nothing is ever the same. She knows how to keep you motivated. To turn a person like myself, who was not a regular gym person and who procrastinates (hence the nickname “Snooze”) into someone who wants to set better eating and exercise habits was no small feat. She really is committed to her profession. Kristine is the real deal in the industry and I highly recommend her without reservation.



New Year’s Eve of 2010 was the beginning of a life changing experience, my first workout. My son was getting married in April of 2011 and I wanted to lose some weight and more importantly get in shape and be healthy. Very soon into 2011, I met Kristine. I soon realized that this was not just about looking good for a wedding but a life long journey that is hard work and no excuses. I have been through some very difficult times in the last 5 years but my focus on good health has never wavered. Kristine (or KG as many people know her as) has been a huge part of my journey. She has pushed me and made me hate her, for an hour or so, but only because she truly cares. I appreciate every thing she does for me. Thank you KG for your knowledge, your motivation and most of all your friendship.

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