No matter what your goals may be, Group Training classes are designed to help you achieve them through professional guidance, support and encouragement. Even though these classes are in a group setting, they are individualized to your specific needs by offering progressions and regressions of specific exercises. You are guaranteed to have fun working out in this setting while being pushed at the same time by those around you. All fitness levels are welcome to all classes!

Entirely customized to your specific goals, limitations and aspirations. Whether you have an injury or health issue, your program can be personalized to your wants and needs. If you are looking to lose body fat, gain muscle or PR in your next event, Personal Training is for you! Everyone can benefit from 1:1 Personal Training!

Yoga is a system of techniques designed to integrated body and mind. Each pose performs many functions that can improve the condition of muscles and other tissues, increase joint mobility, stimulate internal organs and glands, improve blood flow, reduce stress and improve overall health. You can find a variety of yoga classes on our class schedule or contact us for a private yoga session.

With our comprehensive holistic approach to pre and post natal training, we have the utmost confidence in giving you the knowledge, inspiration and motivation to fix the most common pregnancy and post partum complaints and discomforts. You will be able to have healthier pregnancies with fewer discomforts, faster recovery, healthier and better adapted babies, fewer labor and delivery interventions and healthier weight gain. Are you ready to get FIT for birth?