Group Training

No matter what your goals may be, Group Training classes are designed to help you achieve them through professional guidance, support and encouragement. Even though these classes are in a group setting, they are individualized to your specific needs by offering progressions and regressions of specific exercises. You are guaranteed to have fun working out in this setting while being pushed at the same time by those around you. All fitness levels are welcome to all classes!

Personal Training

Entirely customized to your specific goals, limitations and aspirations. Whether you have an injury or health issue, your program can be personalized to your wants and needs. If you are looking to lose body fat, gain muscle or PR in your next event, Personal Training is for you! Everyone can benefit from 1:1 Personal Training!

Partner Training

Similar to Personal Training, Partner Training is designed for two individuals with similar goals and fitness levels that want to split up the cost of 1:1 Personal Training!

Small Group Training

For groups of 3 to 6 people with similar fitness levels and goals that want to benefit from more of an individualized workout while keeping it cost effective! Grab a couple of friends and form a small group!


Functionally FIT

This class includes exercises that will allow you to perform at your best completing everyday activities. Exercises will focus on strengthening your shoulders, core, and leg muscles in multiple planes of motion while keeping the impact low on your joints to decrease the risk of injury.

FIT Challenge

A total body workout challenge that is completed within a specified amount of time or repetitions. Whether the workout is to be performed as an individual or group, each person will be allowed to work at their own pace and intensity.

HIIT Project

This class focuses on high intensity interval training including dynamics of cardio and strength training exercises. With limited breaks in between sets, your heart rate will have just enough time to recover before spiking it up again during the next interval!

Killer Core

There are no limits to what this class can entail!! Work your core in a variety of ways including balance, cardio and strength exercises.


Take your cardio to the next level in this Metabolic Conditioning class. Push yourself to the limit in this muscle burning, heart pumping, and calorie torching workout! The workout is not limited to, but may include treadmills, rowers, skiers, solely your bodyweight and more!

Strength & Conditioning

This class focuses on total body strength, emphasizing either endurance or power type movements depending on the goal of the workout. You will complete upper body, lower body, and core exercises in a fast paced environment. This circuit training class will keep your heart rate up to maximize calories burned during the workout.

FIT Hatha Yoga

Yoga is a system of techniques designed to integrate body and mind. Each pose performs many functions that can improve the condition of muscles and other tissues, increase joint mobility, stimulate internal organs and glands, improve blood flow, reduce stress and improve overall health. At FIT Project, this challenging, alignment-based practice focuses on proper structure and form with a strong emphasis on anatomy, physiology and breath awareness.

FIT Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is a series of poses or asanas that will move you through the power of inhaling and exhaling. As you flow in and out of poses connecting the breath with movement, you will gain strength, flexibility and balance in the body and mind. Come and enjoy the mental and physical benefits of yoga!

Pure Strength

This class will focus on many different dynamics of strength in a progressive manner. You will work on your endurance, power and maximal strength by performing standard olympic lifts including but not limited to deadlifts, squats, cleans, etc. This class is not geared towards beginners and spaces are limited due to equipment availability!

Extra Credit

Who doesn’t like extra credit? If you missed a workout during the week or are looking for a great way to start your weekend, come join us! You won’t know what to expect when you show up to this class!


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