Stephanie’s Testimonial

When I first started working with Kristine over 5 years ago, I was very overweight and out of shape. I hadn’t exercised regularly for almost ten years. I started with her Weight Loss class which was supposed to involve 60 minutes on a treadmill – BORING! Kristine changed it up, doing intervals that got us on and off the treadmill to keep it fun while still keeping your heart rate going for maximum calorie burn. I enjoyed working with her so much in class, I signed up for one on one training with her to add strength training to my routine. After about a year, I had shed 60 pounds and built up some muscle. She constantly challenged me to try new exercises and push myself further than I thought I could do. Eventually, she decided I was ready for her Boot Camp class – intense cardio combined with strength training. Every single workout is tough but so varied that you never get bored.

I can hardly believe that I have stuck with working out for so long and Kristine is a big part of why I’ve kept at it. There is no magic pill for losing and keeping off weight, it takes a long term commitment and Kristine helps keep me motivated to keep going. I don’t think I would have stuck with it and be working out at the same intensity without Kristine. Her classes every week keep me on track and coming back. I love working out with Kristine. She is energetic, supportive, makes every workout fun and all while kicking your butt each time – just what you need in a Personal Trainer!