Jason’s Testimonial

All it took was a single photo. Man. How did it happen. How did I gain 35 pounds and not realize it? I’m guessing all of the pizza and Portillo’s that got me through night school had something to do with it…

I knew it was time. Time to drop all this weight. Time to get healthy. But where to begin? I had my share of gym memberships over the years. I’d do great for a couple of months and then fizzle out. I had no idea what the hell I was doing. And because of that I never saw results. It’s very difficult to maintain the motivation required to keep an active lifestyle when you feel like you just aren’t getting anywhere. I knew that if I really wanted to change my habits I had to take a different approach. That’s when I decided to try a group training class. That’s also when I met KG. Not only has she become one of the best influences I’ve ever had in life, she’s also become one of my best friends.

The first class was rough. I think I made it about 7 minutes on the treadmill before I had to excuse myself and run to the bathroom. Oh was I sick. To KG’s surprise I returned a few minutes later and got right back at it. She smiled and said, “Oh we thought you were gone!’ Not this time. I was committed.

Over the next 6 months I lost 40 pounds. Not only had I shed the weight, I shed all the bad habits. I had a new attitude. You see KG got me to realize, the key to a healthy weight, mind and body required more than a treadmill. More than weights. More than salad. The key was a new attitude and a commitment to a new way of life. In order to achieve the results I wanted I had to keep exercise, strength training and proper diet in perfect harmony. One was no good without the others.

She also made me realize that working out didn’t have to be a chore. It could actually be fun. Something to look forward to. Something to help manage work stress and promote better sleep habits. I looked forward to our classes. KG has a passion that is as infectious as her smile. Plain and simple, I’m a better person because of her. I’m 36 years old and I’ve never been happier, healthier or more confident in my abilities. Two and a half years ago I couldn’t run a mile without feeling like dying. This past year I ran two half marathons. One of those I finished in 2:02:22.

Even though I’ve only been with KG for a few short years, I know this is a relationship that will go on forever. She’s made me realize the only limitations are only those that I impose on myself. She’s also made me realize just how long one minute can be  . Give her a chance. Make the commitment. Change your life. Trust me, you won’t regret it.